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Creating Interior Spaces with Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on May 20, 2009

MaxisCactus has posted on the official forums about one of the missions Maxis made which is in a hollow building will be like for Galactic Adventures.

Creating Interior Spaces with Galactic Adventures 

Many of you have posted questions wondering if you can create elaborate interiors using Galactic Adventures. Here’s a preview of an adventure that takes place inside the Maxis Studio. 

This whole scene takes place inside a building, which has been constructed out of tiled pieces. Most of the objects you see in the room are created using the building editor. This was created in just an afternoon, but it should give you an idea of the flexibility you’ll have with creating environments in the game. 

– Adventure was published using the adventureLook -norainbows cheat for a desaturated effect. 
– Adventure goal: Find all the mice 
– Screen savers created using effects 
– Jump pads buried in the carpet enable avatar & NPCs to hop around 
– This building was created using a modular style of tiling pieces, but that’s just one way to make an interior. You can also make an interior using only one building with negative space carved out for the players to enter.


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