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Sporedum Exclusive: Adventure Camp interview with Ceece and Dananddna

Posted by ballightning on May 21, 2009

Two more of the attendants of the Adventure Camp were Ceece and Dananddna, Ceece the one who took the photographs on the camp. Here are some of their answers to the questions we had for them on Galactic Adventures


Sporedum: Well firstly, how is dialog done in Galactic Adventures? How complex can you make a conversation? 

Ceece: They actually have 2 dialog systems set up, one of them is when you set a goal on something, you can choose talk to it, that makes it so when you go up to this object it will tell you a story, or what to do next, whatever you choose. After its done going though the text you added in, that goal is done. You can have up to 5 text areas to work with, with each one you can choose an emotion for your creature when he speaks that text, so in game when you talk to it, it goes to a cut scene of your creature doing the emotions you set up with a speech bubble at the top with the text you inputted. The other way you can use text is if you want your creature or object to just talk randomly, and not have to use up a goal, you can also just assign text to the creature. Like, I made some creatures that were being held prisoner, so when you got close to them in game they would say things like “Help Me” and other phrases I put in. You can add up to 5 different phrases that show up in a talk bubble, thought bubble, or captions. 


Sporedum: We’ve seen objects like grenades and explosive barrels in previews. What other kind of things are there? 

Ceece: There are many different objects in the game, I really can’t remember them all. Some of there were a teleporter, jump pads, gates and keys, things like that. 


Sporedum: Can you still take videos/screenshots just as you could in the normal spore game? 

Ceece: I think so, I did not really try it out though. 


Sporedum: We know from the interview that you can set paths for vehicles, how does this work and can you do this for sea vehicles to? 

Ceece: When you place an object in to your world, you can open up an action menu (I don’t remember the exact name) and one of the things you can assign is how you want your creature or object to more. So in this case you would chose either patrol or set path. Once this is picked you then see a little blue line with a arrow at the end of it coming out of your object, you just place your arrow where you want your object to go. Patrol makes it go back and forth along that path, and set path just makes it move to were you put the arrow. I did not try it out on a sea vehicle, but I would imagine that it would work the same. 

 By the way, I really liked GA, I felt like I needed a lot more time with it though, he he, it has an amazing amount of stuff you can do with it.




SporedumWhat was the complexity in the AI?

Dananddna: Like they said before, there are three basic layers of complexity for AI. First a creatures starts off with a parts based behavior, then you can give it a general AI (friendly, neutral, aggressive) or a team, then finally you can add conditions to the AI. I didn’t get to dive too far into the AI, but play around with programming one creature to follow another NPC. Also, I found a way of making a creature “emote” when approached by the character (it was a bug-like creature, and whenever you walked up to it, it would emote the scared animation)



SporedumWhat was the complexity of the goal settings like? 

Dananddna: There are three goals per act. You just pull out a goal marker from the menu and place it on the character or object you want. You’ve got things like defend, destroy, befriend, collect, give, block (not sure what block was). With goals like “give” you have to drop a goal marker on the actual object and the character that is receiving the object. 


SporedumCould you explain to us how we can move vehicles etc, and what the type of triggers we could use for this?

Dananddna: Actually, I didn’t end up using any ground vehicles (d’oh). I did work a little bit on a flying machine though. I gave it a path to patrol, so it circles the level again and again. With the air vehicles, you can’t adjust their vertical height. They always fly at a pre-determined height, adjusting to the terrain (if they fly over a big hill, they fly upward but remain at the same distance in relation to the ground)


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