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Sporedum Exclusive: Adventure Camp interview with G3NJI

Posted by ballightning on May 21, 2009

G3NJI was one of the very lucky creators who got to attend the Adventure Camp, and has kindly shared some of his thoughts on Galactic Adventures.



Sporedum: What was the complexity in the AI and goal settings like? 

G3NJI: This question is a little hard for me to answer as I did not dive too deep into this stuff. Some of the other creators did a bit and pulled off some great scenes. You can set up enemies so that they have certain actions as soon as they see you, like scream something or immediately start attacking you. I had it set up in my mission so that I would have an almost continuous battle going on between some allies and enemies.

I set the enemies and allies to similar settings, aggressive, with a modest awareness radius and fast respawn times. You could jump in to the fight and help or just completely by pass them. I had other enemies later in the mission set to ignore me in the first act but then as soon as I kill one of their comrades and finish that act…..they would then start to attack me. Unfortunately that was about as deep as I got into it, I just needed more time. 

I seen in other creators missions were they would walk up to a creature and click on them, they would then goto a cut scene of the creature talking with all different kinds of emotes and what not. After you finished talking to them, you go do their task they asked of you and then return. It was really great, it was no different than a quest ripped from any other game, except that…..you made it which makes it that much more fun. 


Sporedum: Could you explain to us how we can move vehicles etc, and what the type of triggers we could use for this?

G3NJI: Ha, something else I didn’t get much into….there is really so much you can do in it, it is easy to miss things. I know that space vehicles and I am assuming air vehicles are the same, hover at a specific height off the ground. This height cannot be changed, so if you do plan to have vehicles patrolling around and what not. They will do it definitely, but only one altitude and move along with the landscape of the planet. You can set the movements of vehicles to various settings just like creatures. They can be stationary and given a radius of awareness or you can have them patrol along a path of your choosing. 

I did one trigger type thing with an epic boss in my mission, the moment he died and the act ended I set a giant explosion to go off, so that the kill would feel more epic. That one simple effect really did add alot to the kill too, I couldn’t help but grin when I saw it. 

I don’t know if these can be called triggers but, you can place music in different areas that have something similar to the awareness radius creatures have. The moment you walk into this radius the music will change to whatever you had chosen for that specific spot. It adds so much to the mission, and choosing just the right music for the situation is both difficult (sometimes) and fun. 

There was one thing I had planned on doing in my mission but never got a chance, was to have a creature locked in a cage and then at a specific point (end of act) it would bust out of the cage and attack you. For this I needed to have a cage in its original form and then a destroyed cage..which I had. I first place both cages in the same place then put the creature in side them both. For act 1 the broken cage would be set to hide while the other was not. Then in act 2 the broken cage becomes visible and the original is set to hide.

I do something similar with the creature, I set it to say peaceful while in act 1…then in act 2 I make it aggressive and make its awareness radius massive so that it comes after me. There might be another way to do this, like just set the creature to attack player at end of act1 …but I did not check. Or another thing that may have been possible would be to have an act end the moment you click on the creature in the cage. Once you click and the act ends, the creature could bust out of the cage with a nice explosion effect and start attacking you. There are so many different ways you could do things with the triggers there is no way I can go into much detail after so little play time, I wish I knew more for you guys. 


Sporedum: How many allies can you have with you while playing missions? And can you loose or gain allies? 

G3NJI: I do not believe there is a limit, I was able to set many creatures as allies in my mission. Some can stand around and patrol an area or you can have them follow you around. 


Sporedum: How is death handled, do you have to restart the mission? 

G3NJI: I have no clue about this one, I only played in the test drive mode of the editor and never started it as an actual mission. I did die many times in test drive though, when this happens is pops up a window asking if you want to replay or if you are done, in which case it will pop you back to the editor. 


Sporedum: Can you have a mission which has a set time to do something? 

G3NJI: Yes, this is fairly simple to do I think. I remember seeing a timer setting on the screen next to some of the acts settings. I never actually messed with that part of it unfortunately, but I do know it is there and you can say, put a time limit on how long it takes you to collect 10 rusty swords or something. 


Sporedum: What stats does your captain have, like health and energy? And how do items effect this? 

G3NJI: Not sure about the stats, you have a health bar and an energy bar. Every time you attack or use a jump/hover power it will use energy. This can be refilled with either a health or energy power-up, the power-ups can be set on a respawn setting of your choice. There are other power-ups as well including the increase damage and increase armor power-ups, these also can be set to specific respawn times. 

Many of the new parts will add to your armor, energy regen, amount of energy you have and also sprint and jump abilities. The new weapons are pretty neat also, they have a toggle on them similar to the arrows for manipulating parts, but this toggle will not only adjust the looks but the power of the weapon as well.

I believe they come in the default setting of 1, which is like fast low energy cost attacks. Moving the toggle can take it up to 3 or so, this will make the attacks more powerful but slower in recharge and consume more energy. 


Sporedum: Did you come across any of the new achievements? 

G3NJI: The only achievement I noticed was when I shared my mission, it gave me some kind of GA publisher achievement or something….honestly I didn’t pay too much attention to it at the time.


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  2. Uburian said

    Great interview!

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