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Subvein 0.5 Released

Posted by ballightning on May 24, 2009

I hardly ever post about none Spore related games, however someone i know personally has created their own game (Subvein) which is an amazing shooter. It is a relatively simple, but stunning shooter game where you can make your own map and play with lots of other players. And one unique aspect of Subvein is the Skills system, where you level up and can choose from over 60 skills. And whats even better is that it is 100% free. Check out Subvein.com for more info and the download, and don’t forget to sign up to their forums. I’ll be keeping you up to date on this game from now on!

After 18 months in development a new game is born. Today not only marks the release of Subvein version 0.5, but the very first Subvein release in all history!

Download and play Subvein Version 0.5 for FREE right now! 


If I were a less ambitious man, I could call this Subvein 1.0 and be done with it. Don’t let the 0.5 fool you, the game is 100% playable and could almost be considered complete. Featuring complex weapons, tactical skills, detailed maps and more.. this release provides an intense, multi-player taste of the action to come.


Subvein has reached a point in its development where it should be able to support rapid community growth on its own. Now that it features a fully functional server lobby, new players can download it and start playing with others in minutes. As a result I’ve decided that now is the best time to release Subvein as version 0.5. After all, the sooner we get started the better! Fortunately for you though, there are much bigger plans in store for Subvein.


Read on for more!



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