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ROFLcopter Invasion Revealed

Posted by ballightning on May 25, 2009

Yesterday we talked about how the “ROFLcopter’s” are invading the MPN list. Now Mouthwash tells us exclusively that we were wrong  . It was not a stunt to emphasize how easy it is to steal others creations, but instead it was an elaborate prank. Still, we can always try and get some spin involved. 


When I thought of the prank, I first brought it up to Didzo who thought it was a great idea. I went to work on trying to figure out what kind of creation we should all use. I needed it to be something that had no person-specific style yet would be something people would want to upload. I thought that internet memes would be a great place to start. Something that was either pixel art or ascii art would be perfect, and thats how the ROFLcopter became my flagship of the prank. 

I sent out comments and private messages on the Spore Forums to recruit people, and Didzo helped gather in a few also. In the end, quite a few either had Spore problems and couldn’t join in or simply forgot about the prank, but 6 copters is still a decent amount and I think we turned enough heads regardless. 

Some people were saying that this might be a protest about how easy it is to steal creations…. That was not my original intention but I’d love for Maxis to be aware of it. The way the ‘pedia works makes it easily exploitable. They even REMOVED the parent-children data from the website so that Sporescope (a firefox addon that shows extra information about creations) can no longer retrieve it. Why? It really makes me wonder. If we had a workaround to show proper ownership then things like this wouldn’t happen.  It’d also make the premise of creation stealing a moot point. 

All seriousness aside, I did it for the lulz. I’m glad the majority of people found it funny as well.  


One Response to “ROFLcopter Invasion Revealed”

  1. Parkaboy said

    I’m pretty sure they removed the “parent” info from the Sporepedia because it was unreliable. There was a glitch that could be exploited to change the “parent” creation when making a creature, building etc.

    But I heard in the Adventure Camp that the Sporepedia will keep track of lineages after Gal. Adventures is released.

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