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GameSpot – Spore Hero Updated Impressions

Posted by ballightning on May 27, 2009

Gamespot have had an updated look at Spore Hero:


At another Electronic Arts event, this time down in Los Angeles, we got another opportunity to check out Spore Hero for the Nintendo Wii. This is an entirely new game built specifically for the Wii, in which you’ll play as a hero that is destined to save the planet. The easy-to-use creature creator is included, of course, so you can customize and evolve your creature as the game goes on. The story unfolds as you help the locals by completing a variety of quests, which will also earn you new parts. We had previously gotten a glimpse of the new planet that our hero had landed on, but this time we were given a tour of the beautiful underground area called the Bioluminescent Forest. We couldn’t actually play the game, but we watched as our hero picked delectable moon fruit from vines and continued to evolve with the body parts it acquired.

Customize and upgrade your hero.

Before you can make it to the forest, your hero’s nemesis–coincidentally named Nemesis–will be found blocking the entrance. When you crash-landed on the planet on a blue meteor, the red meteor that landed with you was the troublemaker. Nemesis evolves just as you do, and this was the first time our hero had to face him. It took a couple of tries before our demonstrator beat him in a fight, so this was a good time to swap around parts, considering that the current set wasn’t working out. At this point in the game, you can swing the Nunchuk to make the hero spit, causing damage from a distance. Depending on what kinds of parts you put on, you can generally strike by swinging the Wii Remote, bite with the B button, and press A to jump. You can even pull off combos if you jump and swing, which performs an aerial attack.

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