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Gamezone Pre-E3 2009: Spore Hero Preview

Posted by ballightning on May 27, 2009

Gamezone has the last of today’s Pre-E3 Spore Hero previews.


In development at EA Montreal, Spore Hero is a different take on the Spore franchise, debuting on the Wii with Spore Hero. The game is less of a strategy/simulation hybrid and more of an action/adventure, taking the creature design elements from the original PC game and applying it to a platformer game concept. The game is a pretty light action game, making it a good fit for younger kids and casual gamers, but will also allow for some pretty cool customization features that hardcore fans should be able to get into.

Spore Hero starts you out as a two-legged blob that must have a mouth created for him before he can embark on his journey into the world. The game carries over the creature creator from the original game, allowing you to customize your guy as you see fit with tons of options. You’ll have access to all of the parts from the PC game as well as the Cute and Creepy Pack.

In order to build him up into a formidable species, you must earn extra body parts by playing through the game’s campaign. You’ll take on enemies and collect shards that allow you to buy more powerful parts. Aside from upgrading the standard limbs like arms and legs, you’ll be able to give your character more powerful jaws, and add functional body parts like fins and wings, giving yourself the ability to swim and fly, respectively, and gaining access to new areas. You’re able to build your character up in many great ways, and the only real limit is that you must have at least one leg and one mouth.

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One Response to “Gamezone Pre-E3 2009: Spore Hero Preview”

  1. Chosenoneknuckles said

    I look forward to seeing the final result, there’s lots of good potential here!

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