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IGN Pre-E3: Spore Hero Update

Posted by ballightning on May 27, 2009

Yet another pre-E3 update on Spore Hero, this time from IGN.

We recently got to play a new level in the game: the Bioluminescent Forest. The name is a little misleading, though, as the environment is located in underground caves and there was very little plant life to be found. 

The Forest is where players will have their second encounter with their nemesis, the evil creature that crash landed on this planet at the same time and has been running around causing trouble. You’ll have to fight the beast in claw-to-claw combat, but if you lose you can always tweak the attributes of your animal and try again. 

Once the villain is bested you can go about exploring the forest and accepting quests from its inhabitants. Scattered about are red meteor shards that spawn enemies. You’ll have to smash the shards in order to eradicate the local monster population. The red meteor is what your nemesis crash landed in. Your vessel, the blue meter, also has shards lying around. Smashing these will provide upgrades for your creature. These part drops are semi-random, but since some quests require you to have evolved in a particular way the game will make sure you always have the parts you need. You’ll often find you discover more evolved versions of the parts you are already using. 

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