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E3 – Spore Hero Arena EA Q and A with Jason Haber

Posted by ballightning on June 3, 2009

The first pieces of news from E3 are coming out, and first up the producer of Spore Hero Arena did an interview with EA.

Jason Haber

QWhat is the concept behind Spore Hero Arena?

A: Spore Heron Arena lets you create your spore hero and fight to become the galactic champion!


Q: How does the game fit in the Spore universe?

A: The game takes place in the same universe as Spore Hero on the Wii. The back story is, a huge explosion sends red meteor fragments and blue meteor fragments flying through space. The blue fragments are good and allow you to power up, but the red fragments are corruptive. Not realizing the evil influence of the red meteor, a forgotten master makes some of those fragments into medals. Now you must travel the universe and defeat a series of galactic champions to reclaim those fragments and rid the various arenas of their corruptive power.


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One Response to “E3 – Spore Hero Arena EA Q and A with Jason Haber”

  1. Asterisk said

    is it just me or does this sound a bit… ya know…

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