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100 Millionth Creation Promotion – Winner Announced!

Posted by ballightning on June 4, 2009

After nearly a month, and over 4 milllion creations later, Omochi was thre creator of the 100 millionth creation.

Spore Forum thread

Calling all Creators! 

We’re blown away by the number of creations our community has shared on Sporepedia. 

So fire up your imagination and share some more awesome creations. Be the creator that bumps up that number to 100 million for a chance to win an NVIDIA Graphics card, a standard copy of Spore, 
and a copy of Spore Galactic Adventures when it 
becomes available! 

Winner Announced: We’ve reached 100 million creations! Kezz Hound by Omochi won our hundred millionth creation promotion! Check out this milestone creature here! 




One Response to “100 Millionth Creation Promotion – Winner Announced!”

  1. Chosenoneknuckles said

    Ah, but was he from the US? I hope not, just to spite EA and their US-only Spore Contest rules, [Better] Sporepedia etc!

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