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The EA failure: Sims 3 has SecuRom

Posted by ballightning on June 4, 2009

It was only a few weeks ago that EA promised that the Sims 3 will not have SecuRom in an official posting on the Sims boards.

EA has now backflipped, and fluttereyes from Reclaim Your Game has been sent an email stating that the Sims 3 does contain SecuRom.

We will be bringing you all the latest about this, but check out Reclaim your Game (and the Prism forums) for more info.

Here are some screenshots as evidence, and we hope that EA has not taken a doubleback on this and that Sims 3 will not contain SecuRom.

Please note that there is no hard evidence that Sims 3 contains SecuRom.


5 Responses to “The EA failure: Sims 3 has SecuRom”

  1. Josh said

    Gasp! A CD check! This is the most shocking thing I’ve heard of back when it first occurred in the mid 1990s when we stopped having to put a code from a list of codes that came in the manual.

    • ballightning said

      There was rumors from over there that there was more involved with it, but it seems (so far) to not be much more then a CD check, which is good, as a CD check is fine.

  2. Tony said

    They haven’t really backflipped. SecuROM is the name of a specific program from secuROM. Not the name of all of their products.

    • ballightning said

      You are correct, but if you read Maxoid_Hydra’s statement, he/she says that SecuRom is not on the disk. Still it seems that the studies from the-prism suggest it is only a disk check.

  3. Z said

    What is this product ‘designed by SecuROM that’s not SecuROM non-sense? SecuROM is Sony DADC’s CD/DVD copy protection product. Whether it requires online authentication or not, it’s still suckrot..

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