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Spore.com down briefly Tuesday morning around 10:00am PDT 06/09/09

Posted by ballightning on June 6, 2009

Just got this from MaxisCactus, I can’t wait to see what new things the sporepedia and spore profile pages will feature!

During a period of scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, Spore.com will be temporarily unavailable. We’ll be getting ready for some new site changes in preparation for the upcoming Galactic Adventures release.

Our forums will be running normally at this time.

We expect the site to be down for about three hours around 10:00am PDT. Thanks for your patience during this brief downtime.



3 Responses to “Spore.com down briefly Tuesday morning around 10:00am PDT 06/09/09”

  1. judhudson said

    Cool, interested to see what the new updates bring (maybe a redesign?) 😀

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  3. Enthernaler said

    huh it was down for i guess for 1 hour yesterday at night,wanted to download spore origins and everywhere was just blank text!

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