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7/6: Creations of the Day

Posted by ballightning on June 7, 2009

We are now going to feature more then one creation everday, because there are just so many awesome creations made, enjoy and feel free to comment! And make sure you uprate the creations.

Deadman’s Comedy

By jesidani


By shattari

Fel Marsh Root

By Spartan150

DAC Gate Keeper

By Rebecca1208

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7 Responses to “7/6: Creations of the Day”

  1. Bio mutation said

    yayy! Thanks Ball!

    • ballightning said

      Didn’t even realize it was yours, just shows how busy i am now. And it shows how good a creation it is! Congrats Bio!


  2. Oh wow, thank you very much for the feature BL!! 🙂 You’ve featured some pretty amazing creations, I’m surprised I got one myself! Thank you 🙂

  3. jesidani said

    Thank you so much for choosing my building as one of the “creations of the day”.

  4. Bio mutation said

    I must work hard for it in the future!

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