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GA will require over 5GB of space – Updated

Posted by ballightning on June 7, 2009

Wolfincommand has now posted a video of  a capture from his computer proving that unless Steam have made a mistake, then GA is 5GB:



Wolfincommand from sporemods has discovered through steam that Galactic Adventures will require over 5GB of space, this is more then the original copy of spore. Here are some screen captures he took:


17 Responses to “GA will require over 5GB of space – Updated”

  1. BoyMac said

    WOW! I guess it has to be a lot though or it wouldn’t be that good…

  2. Fartoholic said

    Holy crap. It’s almost as big as the actual game

  3. Cockers said

    why does it say 5GB on steam, and 3BG(inclding free space for downloads) on the actual box art?

    • ballightning said

      The most recent box art i’ve found has it for 2GB base, here:

      But that was from 2 months ago and Maxis have done alot to GA in that time. We will find out in 2 weeks (and a bit).

  4. Dan said

    Is it possible that it is the size of Spore and GA combined?

  5. benjabby said

    …Since when was spore on steam?

  6. Wolf in command said

    As soon as there are GCFs or leaks I will make a steam gameplay video of GA

    • ballightning said

      We do not condone piracy, so if it released early not at the approval of EA somewhere (and its more then a day before the release), then we we will not post it up, and will remove links to it.

      If it is legal (like when Australia got Spore early), that is fine.


      • Wolf in command said

        AU FTW

      • Summer Glau said

        I know that being associated with piracy is not something particularly positive, and that it can be a tense issue. Let me alleviate your fears a little though Balllightning, as it you may have less to worry about than you think.

        The only issue with Wolf In Command’s idea, is that he would be in possession of a copyrighted digital work which may or may not be illegal in his country of origin. A good example of such being my own country, Canada which as of yet has no digital copyright protection legislation to speak of. Even in countries that do have digital copyright law, akin to the U.S. Digital Millenium Copyright Act (herein DMCA), it may not be an offense to have a pre-release copy obtained through questionable methods, if the user demonstrates that they had the intent to purchase. If the user has already pre-ordered the game online or from a licensed video game retailer, the user would most likely be acquitted.

        Furthermore, with less than two weeks until release, all efforts from the copyright owner, (in this case EA/Maxis), would be focused upon the successful launch of the Galactic Adventures expansion, and as it will be publicly available in an incredibly short amount of time, massively decrease the chances of a copyright takedown request or suit by the copyright holder. This in addition to the fact that law-enforcement agencies tend to focus on major piracy sites/distributers, rather than small-time offenders would decrease the chances of a response to almost zero.

        In the off chance that the copyright holder were to discover this video, and in the off chance that the offender, Wolf In Comand, should happen to be legally responsible for this breach of copyright, and in the even more remote chance that efforts are made to have it removed, the onus would be placed primarily on the hosting site, most likely YouTube. Due to the nature of the offense, the video would merely be taken off of the YouTube site, with no consequences for Wolf In Command to face, save a warning by the YouTube administrative team. By merely placing links to such a video, Sporedum would be in no way incriminated or legally responsible for any legal issues that are brought forth (if any).

        What’s more, due to the nature of the Steam, the software used to , any user, even one using PacSteam, would have agreed to the Steam Subscriber Agreement.This agreement creates a legal bond between the user and Valve Software (the owners of Steam), who then have created a similar binding legal contract with game developers who wish to use Steam as a digital distribution platform. This allows Valve to legally act as a middleman between the developer and the subscriber.

        Any user, such as Wolf In Command, has no legal obligations to the original copyright owner, as the copyright owner has given Valve Software a license to distribute, and the user has sub-licensed from Valve. This means that any rules and regulations that normally apply are null and void, as per the agreement by all three parties, giving Valve the legal freedom to create regulations that are more flexible, and can be applicable internationally. Of course, this means that in order to comply with countries who have lax copyright legislation, the agreement compromises as to the copyrights.

        To clarify, Section 1 of the Subscriber agreement states that the user is merely a subscriber to the service, and may only purchase “access to certain services, software and content (“Subscriptions”)”. As further outlined in Section 2.a, these subscriptions are “a limited, terminable, non-exclusive license and right to use the Steam Software for your personal use” , and it is clearly indicated that the”Steam Software is licensed, not sold. Your license confers no title or ownership in the Steam Software.”

        This only further complicates the confusion and tangle of exactly who is legally responsible for pre-release footage of a leaked video game. What is clear though, is that Wolf In Command would not be violating copyright law, because due to the wording of the Steam Subscriber agreement,he would have merely obtained a copy of the game with an unofficial subscription. This would mean that his copy of the game was legal, but his contract to use the game would be invalid, the only consequence of which would be, as detailed in Section 13.c of the agreement, Valve having the right to “terminate or cancel your Subscription in its entirety”. The actual game and the footage of the game would be completely lawful in any country since no law has been broken. The only repercussion from this, being that the Steam contract would be nullified, and the subscriber account, terminated.

        Finally, to end off on a less technical aspect of this pre-release footage plan, Ea/Maxis would definitely be inclined to take into account that the video was created by a major fan of the game, who associates with a major fan site for the game. Ham-fistedly trying to legally attack a fan, would only give them negative publicity, and leaving it be would only give them more to gain as leaked videos are free publicity. With such little time left until release it would be an extremely poor choice on their part, as by the time the video would even be remotely popular, the game would already be retailing.

        In summary, Wolf In Command may not even be legally responsible for piracy in his country, the copyright owners may not even have time to deal with the potential infringement, Sporedum has no legal responsibility for said infringement simply by providing a link to the hosting site, and to top it all off, WolfInCommand has not infringed against EA/Maxis, but against Valve Software for breaching his contract, which would only amount to the termination of his account at the very most. EA/Maxis would most likely even approve of a pre-release footage leak, as they would only be harming themselves otherwise.

        Well, thanks for your time BallLightning, I hope you reconsider your stance on this, and even if not, I hope that this will at least be somewhat thought provoking. Also, if you read this far, congrats, because I know that the length of this post may deter some from reading it.

        -Summer Glau

        • ballightning said

          I did read the whole post as i do like feedback.

          I am well aware that no one will in all probability get charged or investigated over this.

          However unless it was an EA/Maxis authorized copy or release, then i considered it to be pirated and as i am against any form of piracy, i will not further the pirates and its illegal copy by publishing their material.

          The Sims communities got together and agreed not to publish any Sims 3 content from people who had pirated it, and this helped to decrease the overall amount of illegal downloads, and has helped to make Sims 3 one of the most successful games ever.

          And Sporedum will follow suit, we will report on what is happening about with the pirated copy and what version it is etc, but we will not post links or material which promote piracy in any way. Posting up non-Maxis approved content before the release date entices people to download the pirated copy, and that is something that we as the largest English Spore news source can do, as we do have relations with Maxis.

          I hope to hear back from you soon, and thank you once again for your thoughts.

          Ball Lightning

        • Titanoverlord said

          i use a legal copy no need to worry ball

        • ballightning said

          Its ok after its released, as i won’t be able to tell the difference, then it will be up to the user whether they want to rip EA off for making a great game. But if its put up before the release date it will make things complicated and i will try my hardest not to post any pirated material.

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