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MaxisCactus talks about Linages and MNP

Posted by ballightning on June 10, 2009

The recent changes to the Spore website which were done for the upcoming expansion Galactic Adventures, included the removal of the MNP (Most new popular), plus all new creations will now have linages. Here is MaxisCactus with explanations of both changes:


Some notes on lineage:

This new site feature will not apply retroactively. Creations published before our site changes today will not contain lineage info. However, any creation published going forward will include lineage information, even if the parent was published a long time ago.

Example lineage creations:
– Creation just published by me based on a creature Ceece made quite a while ago. (Contains lineage info)
– Creation just published by me based on a creature DigitalRob just published today. (Contains lineage info)
– Creation published before site changes by me based on a creation Parkaboy published. (Does not contain lineage info)

We do still have one bug that results in creations occasionally appearing to be original even when they are parented by other authors. We hope to have a fix out for that rare issue very soon.

There also looks to be an issue with timing that results in the lineage occasionally not showing up. Refreshing the page generally fixes this, but we’re looking into better solutions.



While we won’t be able to restore MPN to the My Spore Page today, we do have plans to restore it in the near future. Thanks for your patience while we continue our work to prep the site for the upcoming release!



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