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Surreal Setting Prop Challenge

Posted by ballightning on June 10, 2009

Forum Post

Challenge Details

Dream up a surreal scene for a Galactic adventure, then organize a cohesive collection of prop creations to flesh it out in a Sporecast for the Surreal Setting Prop Challenge!

Not sure what to make?
Start by imagining up a dreamlike (or nightmarish) setting for a galactic Adventure. You’re welcome to use the following questions to find inspiration. Is your setting…

• In the future or the past?
• On an alien world, or somewhere familiar?
• Claustrophobically enclosed or dangerously open?
• Toxically waste-ridden or fanciful and fun?

Got artists block?
If you’re stuck and can’t think of what to make, check out these surreal artists’ works to get inspired by worlds they’ve dreamed up:

• Daniel Merriam
• Salvador Dali
• Max Ernst
• Paul Nash
• Zdzislaw Beksinski

Next Steps
Build a bunch of creations that will set the tone of the scene in your adventure. These can range from architectural structures such as bridges, domes and towers to small inanimate objects such as mirrors, trapdoors, or telephones.

What will the challenge winner get?

A chance to be featured on Spore.com!

We’ll post our favorite submissions here, then YOU get to vote for which one is your top pick! The winner may be featured if it meets our criteria for featured creations.

• It must not contain any creation parented or created by different authors.
• It must not contain any creation with an offensive creation in its lineage (any parent or child creations).
• It must not contain any creation with any links or references to other sites in the submission’s tags, name, or description

Submissions that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered for the poll

• Your sporecast submission should be based on any surreal setting you’ve imagined
• To submit a sporecast, tag it with: mcsurrealchallenge and post a link to the Sporecast here.
• You can submit as many sporecasts as you’d like
• Sporecasts must contain at least 10 assets.
• All creations in the Sporecast must be tagged with GAprop
• Creations in the Sporecast can be made in any editor, but must all be made by you or members on your team!
• All submissions must be in by 11:00am PDT June 23rd 2009

• Post images of the creations you’ve included and/or a scene that’s inspired your Sporecast here!

Challenge FAQ

Q: Can I work with a team to create my Sporecast?
A: Yes. There can be up to 5 members on a team. If you’re on a team, your Sporecast should also be tagged with your team name, starting with Team_ such as Team_LlamaLovers.

You should designate a team leader, who creates the entry post and publishes the Sporecast. All team member names should be included as tags on the Sporecast.

If an individual wins the challenge, his/her Sporecast will be featured. If a team wins the challenge, each team member will have a creation featured.

Q: I know this is for props, can I add creatures?
A: Since it’s required that all creations in your Sporecast be tagged “GAprop” please keep in mind that part of the purpose of this tag is to help others find props.

If your creature creation looks like an object, it is allowed, but you’re not allowed to use just any creatures and simply tag them GAprop to make your submission eligible.

Examples of creatures that would work:

Examples of creatures that shouldn’t be included (however wonderful they are):


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