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Prima Guides: Creating Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on June 15, 2009

Prima Guides got to go to the Maxis offices and have a look at Galactic Adventures, here is part of their blog post.

One of the most exciting features of the Galactic Adventures expansion is the new Adventure Creator. This allows you to create your own planetary adventures consisting of a variety of activities and goals. Even more exciting is how easy it is to share these adventures with the Spore community, allowing others to edit and tweak your adventures. But don’t worry, every time an adventure is edited, the original author retains credit within the adventure’s legacy, listing all contributors. So what does it take to create an adventure from scratch? I spent a couple of days at Maxis talking to the producers about their process. After all, why not ask the pros? They break the process down into several logical steps:

Brainstorming: Every great idea has to start somewhere. In this phase the team throws out ideas for adventures, discussing what they want to accomplish. As the adventure evolves, goals are discussed, determining how gameplay will function.

Story: Most adventures tell some sort of story, so developing a narrative is a key element of the pre-production process. This can include a backstory (what happened before the captain arrived) as well as snippets of significant dialogue; when the captain speaks to someone, what will they say?

Production: Once the team has a good idea of what they want to do, they jump into the Adventure Creator and start blocking out the adventure, ensuring they have all the cast members they need. If not, they create them. Thanks to the intuitive design of the Creator, it only takes a few minutes to block out an adventure by creating environments and placing key gameplay objects. After placing all the objects and implementing the goals, the adventure is playable…but it might not be very pretty.

Art Pass: During this stage the team makes several passes through the adventure to ensure everything looks just right. This can include adding visual and sound effects. Maybe you want to add a lightning storm or the sound of wind blowing? Even simple additions such as these can have a dramatic impact on how an adventure looks and plays.

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One Response to “Prima Guides: Creating Galactic Adventures”

  1. KingKool said

    GA is sounding more awesome by the minute!

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