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MaxisGuillaume talks about Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on June 18, 2009

MaxisGuillaume has posted around the official US forums answers to peoples questions about various aspects of Galactic Adventures.

Here are some answers:

Completion: You cannot complete the adventure without completing all the goals in it, so a successful adventure will always result in 100%.

Airborne: You can move buildings to a very high altitude, almost to the edge of outer space, and have your adventure take place there.

Dialogue: You can have the NPC say things in one act and have a goal to socialize it, and then the same NPC say something else in the next act. Something like:
Act 1
Goal 1: Talk to NPC
Goal 2: Socialize NPC

Act 2
Goal 1: Talk to NPC

If the Grox is your ally, they will come down with you on adventures, but I don’t think they’re that good fighters in hand-to-hand combat.

Actually, you can’t have creations that were made using the “freedom” cheat in adventures, nor create some from within the adventure.

Placing the Bladed Knuckles or the Toxic Crystal on your Captain will replace whatever level of bite you had.

If you have both the Bladed Knuckles and the Toxic Crystal at the same time, then your Captain will only be able to use the Bladed Knuckles.

Unshared creations all get shared at the same time as the adventure, so yes, that might take a while if you have a lot of them.


4 Responses to “MaxisGuillaume talks about Galactic Adventures”

  1. Maninora said

    Well, that pretty much covers it. The thing about the Bladed Knuckles and Toxic Crystal sort of ticks me off, though. My bite level was 1.

  2. Jobo said

    ….So that means you are upset that it can’t be improved/replaced by a better weapon?

  3. JETPACKis awesome! said

    Jetpack is Awesome!

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