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2 new Adventures on Spore.com

Posted by ballightning on June 19, 2009

Maxis have uploaded to new adventures onto Spore.com, check them out below.




6 Responses to “2 new Adventures on Spore.com”

  1. pasadema said

    lol we have information of pirated versions and could you please mail me about them… 😛 you just want it early XD

  2. JETPACKis awesome! said

    Jetpack is Awesome!

  3. KingKool said

    WE KNOWN JETPACK IS AWESOME! But I am awesomer. And S:GA is awesomest!

  4. kid... said

    3 more days COME ON!!!!!

  5. XxxShadeKillerxxX said

    i had some advice that this adventure is absolutely stunning Can i be admin?

  6. XxxShadeKillerxxX said

    2446/9 awssseemmmeee
    hey i can crap in ur mouth
    i dont mean that

    (Meow) o^-^o
    > ( 0 o )
    O| |O

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