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9 New Adventures

Posted by ballightning on June 21, 2009

Maxis have uploaded 8 of the adventures from the creators who attended the adventure camp for Galactic Adventures. MaxisCactus also uploaded another adventure to her profile page. Check them out below!











9 Responses to “9 New Adventures”

  1. judhudson said

    Awesome find, Nic. Tomorrow is going to be a huge Spore day for me…I’ll save these until then 😀

  2. Fartoholic said

    Just two more days.

  3. BoyMac said

    Wow! Are these all the guys that went to the Camp?

  4. Sammy39O said

    OMG, OMG
    Galactic adventures looks more fantastic every day
    5 days to go.. How will I cope!

  5. KingKool said

    Man… two more days untill the possibly most awesome, customisable game yet! The extreme possiblities of these games will allow you to really be able to do cool things. I really want to see how creative a person can get in a adventure.

  6. Noah Da Pwner said

    if you dont have a certain game or can’t get the patch,and theres an adventure that uses those parts,can you still play those adventures?

  7. spikedude said

    can’t wait

  8. Bikeinaor said

    can’t wait till it is relesed

    to bad ther is no demo

  9. muruks said

    can i download the galactic adventure tomorow on ea downloader when i pre bought it a some months ago? i live in europe

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