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Pictures of all the GA parts and Rank Symbols

Posted by ballightning on June 22, 2009

Pink on the official US forums took the effort of looking through the sporepedia code (using the Spore Developer API) and has compiled a list of all the parts coming in Galactic Adventures, and the current known names. Pink also found the rank symbols.

Note, this does not reflect the unlocking order.

(Bladed Knuckles — ??? — Plasma Pulser — Lightning Striker)
(??? — ??? — ??? — Toxic Crystal)
(Compact Generator — ??? — ??? — ???)
(??? — ??? — Invigorator — ???)
(??? — Ducal Cape — ??? — ???)
(Sprint Pack — ??? — ??? — Jetpack (presumably))
(Protecto-shell — ??? — ??? — ???)
Rank symbols:


19 Responses to “Pictures of all the GA parts and Rank Symbols”

  1. Fartoholic said


  2. Primadog said

    lol rabbit ear

  3. Xirifus said

    I have question!

    If you are like say, a trader, can you still ‘buy’ warrior or scientist parts?

    • CrazyChaos said

      Yep! ^_^ if you notice there’s no Wanderer or Knight Parts if you need proof. and also, I’d kinda recommend unlocking other parts, because when you unlocking all in a row, you will also unlock that Archetype’s Super Power! 😀

  4. KingKool said

    Nice! I didn’t think I would get this much info untill the game was out!

  5. Benjee9 said

    The second warrior part is Missile Launcher. I think.

  6. Irlydontknow said

    the second one on the trader row is called “glider pack” I saw it while browsing through captains

  7. Ketchupmaster said

    yes Im A Bard I Get To Get The Jet Pack Easier

  8. vitor sporian said


  9. stumpy said

    i think the knights parts are the same as the warriors

  10. stumpy said

    I do know that the shaman parts are the freeze ray, summon swarm, some kind of mind buster or controller, and toxic spike. All of the ecologist parts regenerate or boost ur health, all of the scientist parts regenerate or boost ur energy, and the trader parts are the sprint pack jet pack(same as jet pack), glider pack, and stealth helmet. All the warrior parts replace ur regular attacks like bite and spit with much better ones. The zealot are just all different types of armor like battle armor is the first one. and the diplomat and bard parts are the ones that i wouldnt care about cuz there just social parts that replace your sing,dance,charm,etc. Hope this helps 😉

  11. stumpy said

    sorry i ment the jump pack is the same as the jet pack

  12. stumpy said

    Also here is the order in wich u unlock some of the items
    Warrior: Claws>plasma pulser>lightning striker>missile launcher

    Shaman: Toxic Spike> Summon Swarm> Freeze Ray(its the black X thing)> Mind Controller or Buster(im not sure wat it does)

    Im not so sure bout the rest.

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