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Spore Galactic Adventures video – Create!

Posted by judhudson on June 23, 2009

Hey there fellow Spore fanatics, Jud here from SporePrograms. Ballightning has already mentioned that on June 27, he’ll be heading off on a trip to Papa New Guinea. Instead of leaving the site inactive for a brief period of time, I’ve offered to help him with updates until he gets back.

I do have to let you know of a couple of things about my updates:

    1. My grammar skills suck
    2. My jokes are horrible
    3. I’ll only be able to update this site in the early hours of the morning (5am – 6am Central Standard Time – US) and the evening (4pm-11pm Central Standard Time – US) on weekdays. Weekend can be anytime.
    4. My grammar hasn’t changed – it still sucks

Ok, now that the most important parts are out of the way, enjoy this new Spore Galactic Adventures video!


5 Responses to “Spore Galactic Adventures video – Create!”

  1. Snappin said

    God danmit, now i want it even more 😦 even when it releases here in europe i still wont be able to afford it

  2. Primadog said

    I’m sure you’ll do great.

  3. 1337Dudez said

    seen some physics!

  4. Noah Da Pwner said

    just need to wait till dad gets homethen we’ll go by gamestop and get it.

  5. SAN said

    Yeah i just goy it yesterday it’s AWESOME

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