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Sporedum Player Reviews: Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on June 23, 2009

Spore Galactic Adventures official is released today, and many people are still asking the question, should I get this expansion?

To help them to decide, I’d like people to submit their own reviews below in a comment or by email and send them to BalLightning@gmail.com.

As i am going on a trip to Papua New Guinea soon (27th June) I will not have time to write up my own review, hopefully this will be the only time you guys don’t get a review. In relation to that, from the 27th, Judson from SporePrograms has kindly said that he would be posting up all the spore news that he receives.

So what do you think off Galactic Adventures?


25 Responses to “Sporedum Player Reviews: Galactic Adventures”

  1. Xirifus said

    What I think??? WHAT I THINK!?

    I think Im going to die here in europe.

  2. Anrik said

    I can’t wait! I have to wait two days in Finland before i get my hands on GA! You lucky americans!

  3. bela said

    Unfortunately I was stupid enough to pre-order it, so now I have to wait an another day to start the downloading… 😦 A WHOLE DAY! ARRRGHHH!!!

  4. arman said

    I pre-ordered it… guess what? i forgot about time difference and have to wait two days for the download.

  5. Sammy39O said

    Lucky americans!
    Just 3 more days… Just 3 more days…

    • Anrik said

      What country? In Finland only 2 days left… Or 1, beacuse now is over midnight… 1 more day! AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! I can’t wait!

  6. brenenyoo said

    LOL I got the game haha!

  7. Uburian said

    In Europe we have to wait until July 2 😦

  8. The Robin said

    i suppose urope deserve to wait as we got actual spore 2 days befor them but then again they get it 3 days before us it’s REDICULOUS. but i must wait. 😦

  9. Uburian said

    Two days? No! in Europe we have to wait a whole week! Europeans will have to wait until July 2nd!

  10. Uburian said

    A moment, I do not want to confuse you. I believe that this date is only for Spain.

  11. LungJuice-LapTop said

    yeah well australia is luckier because EBgames did it again and released it as soon as the got it which was the 21st and is when i got it 😀

  12. eric otway said

    “adventure creator download failed”
    also keeps exiting out of ‘choose adventure’ before i can choose almost EVERY TIME i try to choose an adventure!!
    can you tell I’M PISSED OFF??

  13. teppanyaki said

    I found galactic adventures pretty good. However, I found the fact that you had to go through half a million adventures to get to the first really earned rank was a bit of a hassle. It is kind of hard to find really tough adventures that give you enough points to be worthwhile. I am yet to see an adventure that is both 100 points, can let me use my captain, and is physically possible to complete. Otherwise, my experience with my adventure creator has been totally fine because of the documentation.

    My final words – Buy, Buy, Buy this expansion pack today!!!!

  14. Chrisso said

    I got this game… well I can’t remember when I got this game (I think it was on the day it came out, but I had no idea it was the release date I just saw this random spore expansion in JB-HI in South Australia and went ‘mm… $34.. not too bad!’), but it is alright. Beaming down on adventure planets is fun, it would be a bit nicer to be able to beam onto just any planet (and rain down havoc on the Grox face-to-face ha ha!), but it’s something you learn to live with. Adventure missions strangely are more taxing on my system requirements and I needed to lower the graphics on GA so that my captain was actually walking at a sane pace.

    One pain in the rear is that speed and weapons need to be upgraded with rank. Which is long, slow and tedious. Another problem is that, as I’ve already said, you can’t beam down just anywhere. Annoying because you can’t take out enemy civilisations that way. And you only really control your captain (apparently, some missions allow you to have allied personnel follow you down too but haven’t found one yet). This is kind of rectified by the large variety of missions (some of which include combat. With races you’ve never seen, heard, or bombed before. Which is fun but feels somewhat unfulfilling).

    You also start to gain some level of affinty for your captain – he’s no longer ‘The Omnipotent’ (or whatever your space-stage level is), he’s you own little creature to go and fight, explore and preach the good news of spode with 🙂

    So, all in all, it’s not too pricy, so if you don’t mind spore get it. I’m still waiting for a laybuy of Creepy and Cute, so can’t compare it in value with that, but what I’ve heard seems to show that GA is much better value for money.

  15. Henry said

    Maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet, but there doesn’t seem to be anyway to set up triggers in the adventure creator.

  16. Juancho98 said

    I ahve no idea when I’m supposed to get it but I got it June 24 2009

  17. Tyler said

    im undecided if i should get this!!

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