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How the Complexity Score in GA is calculated

Posted by ballightning on June 24, 2009

MaxisCactus has posted on the official forums in relation to how complexity is calculated in Galactic Adventures.

Understanding the Complexity Score in GA
The complexity limit in Galactic Adventures is fairly generous in allowing players to add a bunch of creations to their Adventures. Still, many of you have requested a breakdown in just how the complexity score in GA is calculated.

Q: How many creations can I add to my adventure?
A: You can add up to 1,000 simple models. Unique models are limited to the number of slots in the panel, or when the complexity limit is reached. You can add up to 500 simple terrain brushes.

Q: Do some kinds of creations count against my total complexity more than others? Am I saving myself complexity points by using two of the same model rather than two different ones?
A: For models, the model count is weighted by count and uniqueness. Using multiple instances of a model uses less complexity than using several models.

Q: Exactly how to terrain brushes factor into the complexity score?
A: For terrain brushes, each brush is weighted based on its complexity.
• A very complex brush counts as 6 of a smaller.
• Global/larger brushes count more.
• Decals like the roads count more since they are more costly to render.
• The lava pit also has a particle effect for the smoke plume and counts more.

Q: Does density of creation placement on the planet effect the complexity score?
A: Not currently, but we advise creators to spread models out to support players with slower machines.

Q: Is it more complex if two creature slots have different behaviors than if they are identical?
A: These will be considered unique even though the model is the same.

Q: How many unique creation slots are available for an adventure?
A: 75 per palette.

I know you have feedback and more questions about complexity, so feel free to post about them. Also, if you’re not sure if something will work, don’t be afraid to get in the game and try it out for yourself!

ProTip: Dragging an item in the game and tapping the alt button will quickly create multiple instances of it. Play around with this and see how the complexity score is affected.


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