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Maxis: What to do before installing the spore patch 1.04

Posted by ballightning on June 24, 2009

Due to the amount of people who are experiencing issues with the new patch, MaxisCactus has posted some recommendations for people to follow before installing the patch.

Please reset your graphic and capture settings to the default settings before installing patch 4. This is a precautionary step to avoid the run time error that some players are experiencing after getting the patch.

Please post here if you do take these steps before installing, but still get the error after you get patch 4.

Important: Starting the game for the first time after installing patch 4 may take considerably longer than usual. Do not quit out during this process, as early termination may be associated with the run time errors some users are experiencing.

If you have already got run time errors when loading your game, please see this thread for a fix:



3 Responses to “Maxis: What to do before installing the spore patch 1.04”

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  2. Virakotxa said

    I’ve patched on three different rigs without problems… labtop, pc and workstation.

    First backup.

    Set graphics to default… k, but also resolution to minimum and windowed mode (unmark fullscreen) And safest way… Erase your save-games and those .package files inside the hidden SPORE folder inside documents and settings. (pc) All those cache files you don’t need once you don’t have save-games. (EditorSaves and RigblockInfo I left)

    Run. You get the usual error of not having save-games, but Spore regenerates those. Then patch.
    It will be lightning fast.

  3. David said

    It’s still screwed up thx alot maxis for the stupid patch and if this dosn’t work you owe ove 100 million people £50 each Idiots

    You Came
    You Saw
    You Destroyed [or in this case you broke it

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