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Spore Mods update on Galactic Adventures + patch 1.04

Posted by ballightning on June 24, 2009

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly I have moved on from this game. However you can still follow my work over at youtube! I currently am focused on Minecraft, and in particular, Minecraft Cinematics.


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Whenever there is a new patch for spore, it always throws the modding community of its perch as we have to change all our mods. And yesterday with the release of the latest patch 1.04, in addition to the release of the spore expansion, Galactic Adventures, it seems that our current mods are doomed.

But good investigative work from the members over at sporemods.org have found that once you install Galactic Adventures, all you need to do to make the mods work is to move them to the folder as directed below.

C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE_EP1\Data

There is no known fix currently for people who have installed the patch but do not get the expansion.

As we learn more, we’ll post it up, also remember to visit the How to Install Spore Mods page for more.


22 Responses to “Spore Mods update on Galactic Adventures + patch 1.04”

  1. […] their gameplay mods will no longer work!  Oh no, what’s a Spore fan to do?!?  Luckily Sporedum reports that members from Sporemods discovered all you need to do is to move your mods to the […]

  2. hickorywind1 said

    This Happened to me.
    i bought the game installed it and downloaded it but didnt get the expansion 😦

    • Brenenyoo said

      When you get the expansion, dont double click sporee, there is a new application called spore galactic adventures. If you use vista, go to the games folder and double click galactic adventures.

  3. Titanoverlord said

    hey ball wut hapund to da parts pack you said you were gona post?

  4. The Robin said

    im confused is GA in the patch or not

  5. Owen said

    No,you have to buy GA.

  6. Anonime said

    I’ not See this Folder!
    you help me?

  7. Aurora said

    I just found how where to place mods on Mac computers, you have to go to Applications, and go down to the Spore folder. Go to the GA icon, and right click on it, selecting “Show package contents”. Go to


    Then you just drag and drop mods right there.

  8. ChopXsuey said

    hey Aurora do you knoa about “Java”? (type back)

  9. Aurora said

    I do to an extent.

  10. PreLynMax said

    People! Be patient!

    I’m sure Ball Lightning hasn’t gotten around to fix the new problem, or its probably in the works right now.

    Galactic Adventures has only been out a week. I’m not gonna harrass the modmakers on patching this right now.

  11. Gagonite said

    So mods don’t work if we have the 1.04 patch but not GA? 😦

  12. Crun said

    Apparently the C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE_EP1 folder does not exist because the installer just puts the added .package files for galactic adventures in the C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Spore\Data(E:\Games\Spore\Data for me) when I install galactic adventures in the same folder as the original spore

    • Crun said

      Nevermind I think it just did that because i installed in the same directory as the original spore and by the way, NoAnger.package does not work, Genesis Atmospheric does work along with some Infinite Ammo Mod for tools plus the Tactical Nuclear Missile works as well

  13. Adeori said

    With the current patch (no expansion), the new UI works, and there is a tool named ‘***’ in the shop. Nothing else is changed from vanilla. If you move ‘PatchData.package’ to another folder, the mods work, but with a rather annoying side effect: planets’ terrain warp and jump around, and the plants and animals are several feet off the ground.

  14. Dave said

    i dont see a download button anywhere

  15. ADino said

    Does betterspore work with patch 1.5 + GA

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