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Spore Galactic Adventures Review – GameDaily

Posted by ballightning on June 25, 2009

GameDaily on their review of Galactic Adventures gave it a score of 7 out of 10.

Although it took a while to reach the depths of space, Spore players know the wait was worth it. The first mission expansion pack, Spore: Galactic Adventures, includes more action, missions and a new title for your favorite creature — Space Captain.

While players of the original Spore were tasked with journeying to neighboring galaxies that showed signs of intelligent life, creating trade routes, buying goods, performing missions or just conquering the next galaxy, Galactic Adventures finally lets them beam down to take on missions on terraformed planets.

Yet, Galactic Adventures takes the safe route. Puzzles, protecting holy people, aiding allies against invasions, breaking into a spy facility and working to stop a war that retells Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet (all the speeches in the mission are done in rhyme too — nice touch), the planet bound missions stick closely to original game’s vibe. Essentially, they’re similar to the missions performed during the Civilization Stage, only on other planets.

Spore’s always been a learn by doing (or learn by asking other Spore players) affair and Galactic Adventures shows that while it wants to be an open-world game that’s fun and engaging, players will occasionally find themselves in missions that appear impossible to complete since their Captain needs to level up or obtain new accessories or power-ups before beating them. As always, clearing a mission results in the always gratifying pose, song or dance from your mission giver and more badges to help advance to Captain.

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One Response to “Spore Galactic Adventures Review – GameDaily”

  1. Jobo said

    there were missions in the Civilization stage?

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