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Own an iPhone? Try Creature Cam

Posted by judhudson on June 28, 2009

I found this the other day thanks to a certain friend on Facebook.  It’s an application for your iPhone that you can add random Spore Creatures directly on top of your images!  It’s not free though – priced at $1.99 but for two bucks, I can get my enjoyment out of that.

Creature Cam
Source: iTunes
Copyright: SftwrFactory

Creature Cam allows you to add Spore Creatures directly into your pictures and images using your iPhone and iPod Touch!


  • Add one or many creatures into your pictures from literally thousands of different creatures.*
  • Use any image from your photo album or built in camera.**
  • Save images to your photo album for later viewing or sharing by email.
  • Place creatures at any location in your picture.
  • Grow and shrink creature sizes.
  • Duplicate creatures.

2 Responses to “Own an iPhone? Try Creature Cam”

  1. titanoverlord said

    such a waste of a good post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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