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6/29/09 – Spore Galactic Adventures User Upload Challenge

Posted by judhudson on June 30, 2009

You seen the video, now create your own Captain!  Maxis is encouraging users to create their own Captain and to submit a video to their YouTube page for other fans to see how awesome your Captain is!  Details below:

You’ve watched the Maxis Space Captain go from zero to Galactic Hero and now we’d like to see what your captain can do! Does your captain command a starship, have a peg leg, or appear on cereal boxes?

Once you have created your Captain in Spore Galactic Adventures, make a video showing what your Captain is capable of. Then post it as a video response so the entire galaxy can see how cool your Captain is!

And stay tuned for next weeks YouTube video challenge….

Helpful Technical Information:

  • To participate in our challenge enter your video as a video response to this one. Here’s how to create a video file to upload manually.
  • To capture video in Spore Galactic Adventures, click V to begin video capture and V to end video capture
  • Your video will be posted in the “Movies” folder which is located in your “My Spore Creations” directory
  • Post your finished video as a video response to this video by clicking “Post a Video Response” in the video response section to the left

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