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IGN: Spore Galactic Adventures video review

Posted by judhudson on June 30, 2009


4 Responses to “IGN: Spore Galactic Adventures video review”

  1. jrrj15 said

    I dont agree with the rating they gave G.a. Lol I really like G.a. because I like video games that allow you to create your own content! so I give G.a. 9.7 ITS AWESOME!!! But I wonder what kind of expansions will come in the future…

  2. seth said

    i didnt watch the video, cant load it. . . But i hav the game and although most of it is awesome. . . The fact that you have to be logged in constantly and in my opinion “re-download” an adventure (“downloading misson content”) really and i mean REALLY SUCKS!!!!! I live in rsa and the internet isnt cheap like in the usa, so due to the fact that i am not a multi millionare, i cant play all the adventures. . . So i have to give G.A two ratings. First rating would be if you didnt have to “re-download” an adventure. . . 9.8! Second one is how the game currently is and the fact that i cant play what i want. . . 7.9. Why do i have to download something it supposedly already did?

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