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7/1/09 – 3 new Spore API Apps

Posted by judhudson on July 2, 2009

What a way to kick start the month of July – 3 new Spore API apps were found viewing this thread in the Sporums.

Sporecast Signature
Source: The Sporums
Copyright: Nightgunner5

A 158-line PHP script to generate a forum signature with a latest Sporecast asset. It only needs three lines of configuration (one is optional) and a base image like this one. (A template is included in the .zip.)

Here’s how you can use it:

Download the code from here.

On lines 3 and 4 of sig.php, change the Sporecast ID and (optionally) the font location.
On line 2 of .htaccess, change the /spore/ to the location on your website the files are. For example, if sig.php is accessible at http://example.com/sporesig/sig.php, use RewriteBase /sporesig/

Upload it to your server and go to the sig.php file. You’ll get a few error messages, but don’t worry. Refresh the page and the error messages will be gone and your signature will be there!

The signature will only update once every 10 minutes to make it faster.

Sporecast Voting
Source: Sporecast Voting website
Copyright: Nightgunner5

Allows anyone to vote for the best creatures in any given Sporecast. Each IP address can vote once per creature per Sporecast. Captain stats are partially supported via the model XML.

Sporecast ID can be changed in the URL on the site.

Source: Sporistic’s Website
Copyright: AtomicDay

Sporistics is a simple Sporepedia viewer. You can see the best rated creations, the most important, the newest, etc. You can also see user profiles: buddies, achievements, creations, Sporecasts… The creation viewer shows info about the selected creation: description, rating, comments and, if it’s a creature, height, diet, abilities… All in one.


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