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Galactic Adventures Storyboard Contest – Winners Announced!

Posted by judhudson on July 2, 2009

The results are in from the Storyboard Contest held awhile back.  MaxisCactus and the team have the results in this forum post.

Storyboard contest winners announced!

1st place: Afterfate for “The Meaningless Turtle”

Afterfate authored the winning storyboard called “The Meaningless Turtle”.

Maxoids Ian Armstrong, John Cimino and Guillaume Pierre recreated Afterfate’s story in Galactic Adventures to make it into an official Maxis adventure! Download and play the mission.

Download and play the adventure simply by opening your Spore game and choosing it in the Maxis adventure Sporecast.

Storyboard Images By Afterfate

Adventure Preview
by Maxis

MaxisCimino wrote: After reading the storyboards it became clear to me that the player had created a rather interesting fable-like story that had very distinct characters with clear motivations. I had a lot of fun working with those characters and designing the environments to match their individual personalities. I especially enjoyed creating the temple for the Guru of Wealth …which, of course, had to be made of solid, sparkling gold.

MaxisIan wrote: The storytelling style kind of reminded me of an old myth or fable, complete with gurus and the meaning of life! It parallels something you might see in the stereotypical interpretation of eastern philosophies, where the hero travels great distances to find a wise man sitting under the tree of knowledge/power/something else symbolic.

2nd place: KrakenMK for “Evynwire Scroll Quest”

Thanks to everyone who submitted, it was a tough choice!


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