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New York Times – Spore Galactic Adventures review

Posted by judhudson on July 2, 2009

While I know everyone has their own opinions and sometimes shares a different view when it comes to reviewing video games, it seems that the following editor over at the New York Times has something lodged up their butt when it comes to Spore Galactic Adventures.  A majority of the article is a complaint that Spore Galactic Adventures should of been a separate stand-alone game.  Ummmm…Too cheap to afford the base game there, buddy?  It’s called an Expansion Pack for a reason.  If you would of stated it should of been in the base game to begin with, I can see your point…but this process of expansions has been going on ever since the original Sims series…

Most of the levels included with the game are almost embarrassingly mundane: kill the enemies, defend the base from attackers, escort some dude from here to there, collect an arbitrary number of doodads, race the course as fast as you can. By contrast LittleBigPlanet also revolves around allowing players to create their own content, but its maker, Media Molecule, set an incredibly high bar in demonstrating what its own tools were capable of.

Nothing is essentially wrong with charging good money for a virtual tool kit. Yet the environments in Galactic Adventures cannot sustain the basic suspension of disbelief required to care about any digital construct. Common logic suggests that when a wall, a building or some other “solid” stands between two creatures, you can’t just shoot or move through it. In Galactic Adventures you can. I found myself jumping into the middle of supposedly solid structures and then shooting through the walls at foes who couldn’t see me, not a few times but over and over.

review here (big ole’ meanie)


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