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Celebrate your Independence with 2 new Spore Galactic Adventures missions!

Posted by judhudson on July 3, 2009

Check out this new press release from EA – celebrate the 4th of July (as Maxis is an American-based Studio) with 2 new adventures:  ‘How a Bill Becomes Law‘ and ‘Kaboom!

July 2, 2009 – Happy 4th of July! To help celebrate our nation’s birthday, the developers at Maxis have created two holiday-themed missions from the latest video game, Spore Galactic Adventures. The adventures, entitled ‘How a Bill Becomes Law’ and ‘Kaboom!,’ are both available for download today at http://www.spore.com. Both missions, created with the Adventure Creator tool in Spore Galactic Adventures, allows for infinite creative possibilities!

‘How a Bill Becomes a Law’- The Spoffit species are in trouble and you need to pass legislation to save them! A fun twist on a civics lesson and inspired by the 1970s TV show Schoolhouse Rock, you must lobby, ultimately turning a bill into a law.

‘Kaboom!’- It’s time for a Fourth of July celebration! The picnic is all set up, the fire’s ready for s’mores, but there’s a problem with the fireworks display. Can you help the Independence Day picnic go off with a BANG?

Spore Galactic Adventures, the expansion to the critically-acclaimed game Spore, is designed to expand the Spore universe. Spore Galactic Adventures delivers hilarious new adventures to players who aspire to become their own space captain, beam down to strange new planets, create customized adventures and take their favorite Spore creature from zero to galactic hero!

With the Adventure Creator, gamers are able to realize their most outlandish, challenging and fun adventure fantasies (like ‘Kaboom!’ and ‘How a Bill Becomes a Law’) by creating personalized missions. This easy-to-use tool gives players the ability to not only create, but play and share missions with friends online at http://www.spore.com. With more than 105 million creations available in the Sporepedia, the Spore library of user-generated content for use in players’ missions, the only limit is their imaginations!

Check out ‘Kaboom!’, ‘How a Bill Becomes a Law’ and more than 30,000 missions in Spore Galactic Adventures at www.spore.com/sporepedia!

Follow us on twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/MaxisSpore and check out tons of cool videos at: www.youtube.com/spore


One Response to “Celebrate your Independence with 2 new Spore Galactic Adventures missions!”

  1. Salkin said

    Im very sure that how a bill becomes a law was already out!

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