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Stuff.co.nz – Spore: Galactic Adventures review

Posted by judhudson on July 5, 2009

For now, the player-created missions can range from the boring and trivial to the outrageously difficult. Many are designed with the creator’s own space captain in mind. In time however, the cream will rise to the top and amateur designers from within the Spore community will no doubt become the respected producers of highly anticipated content.

Spore: Galactic Adventures has unlimited potential. In many ways, it’s difficult to write a conclusive review because it’s not a finished product. Like the creatures that players create, the game itself will evolve.

As users become increasingly familiar with the inherent flaws of the Maxis-created missions and begin to design their own that circumnavigate these issues, the ever-expanding Spore universe will shine and the community will prosper.

review here


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