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Accepting Questions for Spore Hero/Spore Hero Arena Fansite Interview

Posted by judhudson on July 8, 2009

*Update* – 7/12/09

Thanks for your questions!  The lucky three I plan to turn in to MaxisCactus are:

  • Any plans to have either a Wii/DS specific Sporepedia to where we can download other people’s (or our friend’s) creations to use them in our game or even share screens or videos?
  • The Paint mode in Spore Hero Wii – can we now paint our creatures bodies in specific areas using the Wii’s motion controls or is it similiar to Spore PC’s version where we just pick default skins and adjust the color?
  • What’s the relationship between Spore Hero Arena and Spore Creatures? Is the prior considered a sequel or are the stories related in any way?

Hey fellow Spore fans!  I just got an email from MaxisCactus that contains new exclusive images (see below) as well as an opportunity to submit three questions about Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena for the Nintendo Wii and DS!  Producers Jason Haber and Mathieu Cote will answer these questions, so if at all possible, leave your best questions as a comment in this post and I’ll pick the best three from the bunch.  I’m going to try to cap the questions off this Friday (July 10th) as the questions need to be turned in via the 14th.

Oh, and I’m making this post a sticky until Friday:)

Exclusive Nintendo DS Screens

i FightonIcePlanet squirrel

Exclusive Nintendo Wii Screens

ChargingUp MushGrove Creature Creator Kikirisu


5 Responses to “Accepting Questions for Spore Hero/Spore Hero Arena Fansite Interview”

  1. Noah Da Pwner said

    will there be new parts and also paint options?

    I notice a picture of a creture breathing fire, will the players creature be able to do this?

    also this only happens in the creature stage right? well will you meet some other species that are in the tribal, civillization, or space stage?

    i also notice a map what do the dots mean?

    please answer my questions, thanks!

  2. Chosenoneknuckles said

    I’d like to know whether there is gonna be some sort of sharing option [like a Wii-specific Sporepedia] within the game?

    Also, what are the specifics of the paint mode, like the scaling and putting together of creature parts will it use motion controls perhaps to allow for real-time painting on the player’s part? [Something I sorely wished was in the PC game, albeit with a clothing painter editor]

    Many thanks in advance, should these be submitted and answered. 🙂

  3. Primadog said

    Do Maxis intend to use any of the advancements for Spore Hero in a future expansion for Spore’s Creature Stage?

    What’s the relationship between Spore Hero Arena and Spore Creatures? Is the prior considered a sequel? Are the stories related in any way?

    Has the online capacities on Spore Hero been finalized? Will creatures be shared? Screenshots? Videos?

  4. jrrj15 said

    Will there be online sporpedia or maybe through friends you exchangechange creatures??? Also will there be new attacks and or Social moves

  5. jrrj15 said

    oh and also will you be able to see creatures you make in the game for example the creature talking in the pic above would be diffrent depending on what you created???

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