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GameStop’s Summer Sale 09′ – Spore for $20

Posted by judhudson on July 9, 2009

GameStop’s huge summer sale for 2009 kicked off, and they’ve slashed many of their games down to $20.  Spore is one of those games, and at that price it’s a must buy!  Better hurry though, as the deal will only last til’ August 2nd!

LOL @ the digital download costing more than the retail game 😛


4 Responses to “GameStop’s Summer Sale 09′ – Spore for $20”

  1. BoyMac said

    lol… why is the download more expensive? It should cost less because it is kind of going green :).

  2. DoodleKid said

    …Kinda sad how the actual game costs more than the expansion pack… Even if it’s just a sale.

  3. Primadog said

    This is a great price, let’s see if I can push any of my friends into this… Do you know when does this sale end?

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