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And i’m back…

Posted by ballightning on July 15, 2009

Well i’ve been going around Papua New Guinea for the last 2 weeks and i got back to the airport at 1am on Monday morning. The trip was definitely the best experience i have had and i do plan to go back to PNG in the future (mainly to complete the whole Kokoda track).

Thanks very much to Judson (from SporePrograms) for keeping up with the spore news while i was away, he did a fantastic job and our sites will continue to support each other into the future.

I am very busy with everything because i have so much to catch up on, and therefore i will be mainly focusing on improving Sporedum and its news service. This will also include a new section called the Sporedum Editorial which will look at issues revolving around the world of Spore, whether it is DRM, gameplay, sporn or whatever else turns up.

As i have less time, BetterSpore and modding will not be high in my list of things to do, and as BetterSpore works relatively well with Galactic Advenutures there is no rush to bring out a newer version. I will first install GA (i haven’t done so yet), and then i will play around with it before i even start modding. So do not expect any mods from me in the near future. If you are impatient, mod it yourself.

Once again, thank you for being loyal readers to Sporedum, as without you, this site would not exist.


Ball Lightning


One Response to “And i’m back…”

  1. Primadog said

    Welcome home!

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