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SporeDay: Ask Maxis

Posted by ballightning on July 15, 2009

For SporeDay, MaxisCactus has published another interview with the devs for the community to ask questions, this time with Kate Compton (MaxisKate) and John Cimino. If you have questions you want to ask, head over to the sporums and post on the forums.

This is your chance to interview two of the artists from Maxis!

Kate Compton is an associate technical artist at Maxis. Some of her contributions to the project include creating the effects in Galactic Adventures, sculpting the core Spore and Galactic Adventures planets (including the cube), and designing the original Spoffit.

She also teamed up with Robot Chicken to help create the Bloody Sundae adventure, and made the Dungeons of Spore April Fool’s game.

Some of her other Adventures include How A Bill Becomes a Law and Protein Synthesis. Her notable creations include the Obama and other US Election 08 Candidates, and the Alex Trebek UFO.

John Cimino is a lead animator at Maxis. He’s was responsible for designing and creating all of the animation for the advanced emotional behaviors in Galactic Adventures. He designed the creature parts for Spore and Creepy and Cute, many of the rigblocks in the Building creator, and many of the Spore objects, such as huts, tools, and found objects.

He also designed the achievement icons and the creator play mode animations.

Some of his adventures include the original Clark and Stanley adventures, Welcome to Dancetopia,Robots vs Dragons, and he contributed on The Meaningless Turtle as well as several Robot Chicken adventures.

About the Interview

Ask them about their art, their jobs, or their adventures just by posting your questions here on the thread.

Submit your questions by 7/20/09 and we’ll choose the finalist questions for you to vote on. The top voted questions will be answered by Kate and John.

Please keep in mind that finalist questions will be chosen based on relevance to John and Kate’s contributions at Maxis.
We will only be choosing questions for the finalists that John and Kate can answer.

Previous interview: Ask Maxis with Chris Hecker


3 Responses to “SporeDay: Ask Maxis”

  1. Arvid said

    Hey Maxis!
    I wonder how to use the instrument in the ordinary game of spores Galactic adventures. I will be glad if you respond, but sorry if it is difficult to see what I have written. might have written wrong. I am a swedish person so writing English is difficult. e-mail me if you can provide answers.
    RESTRAINT / A spores lover

  2. Captian Tauls of the the Turiban Empire said

    hey I was wondering if you guys are bringing the aquatic stage back in a later expansion

  3. Zimon said

    Can you make some Dinosaur parts for Spore?
    One more question, if Aquatic stage is coming, Can you make Underwater giants?

    One more thing. SPORE IS MY FAVORITE GAME!

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