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Maxis Contest: Arthropod Adventure Team Challenge

Posted by ballightning on July 16, 2009

Yet another challange from MaxisCactus, and this time, you need to team up with 2 other people and create an adventure about insects. Enter over at the sporum.

Challenge Details

Organize into a teams of 3 players. With your team, create an adventure that uses at least 3 insects, arachnids, or crustaceans!

Your Submission Post should include the following information:
Adventure Title:
Team Name:
Lead Artist: Must create 5 original creations used in adventure. Creations tagged with team name.
Lead Collector: Must create Sporecast with at least 10 creations used in adventure. Sporecast tagged mcarthropodchallenge.
Lead Adventure Designer: Must publish adventure. Adventure tagged mcarthropod challenge
Adventure Link: Example: http://www.spore.com/sporepedia#qry=sast-XXXXXXXXXXXX
Sporecast Link: Example: http://www.spore.com/sporepedia#qry=ssc-XXXXXXXXXXXX

Arthropod References
Not sure what to make? Get inspired by arthropods from the following references:

• Wikipedia on arthropods
• SPYDR’s -=ARTHROPODS=- Sporecast
• Daikaze’s Insects and Arachnids Sporecast
• PyroBeast958’s Ultimate Insects of the Galaxy Sporecast

What will the winning team get?
A chance to be featured on Spore.com!

• The Adventure Designer will have the adventure featured.
• The Lead Artist will have one of their creations featured.
• The Lead Collector will have their Sporecast featured.

We’ll post our favorite submissions here, then YOU get to vote for which one is your top pick! The winner may be featured if it meets our criteria for featured creations.

Adventure, creation and Sporecast Requirements:
• must not contain any text with any links or references to other sites in the submission’s tags, name, or description
• must not contain content based on copyrighted material

Submissions that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered for the poll

• Your team can submit as many entries as you like. Each entry should have its own post including the required info.
• Your adventure must be published by the Lead Adventure Designer
• Your Sporecast must be created by the Lead Collector (minimum 10 creations)
• Your Adventure must include at least 5 original creations by the Lead Artist
• All submissions must be in by 11:00am PDT August 20th 2009

• Post screenshots of the adventure and creations you’ve created here!

Challenge FAQ
Q: Can we use the adventureLook cheats?
A: Yes

Q: Are mechanical Athropods accepted? Can I make the required arthropods in any editor?
Yes, yes.


3 Responses to “Maxis Contest: Arthropod Adventure Team Challenge”

  1. Noah Da Pwner said

    what is the Lead collecter?

    And do my freinds need their own spore account or can we just enter as one account?

    • Noah Da Pwner said

      plus do we all need these roles or can we all just do a little of this and then get done with something else like one person do something and then s/he will swap with another person?

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