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Readme Notes for Asymmetry Feature

Posted by ballightning on July 22, 2009

MaxisCactus has posted up readme notes on how to use the asymmetry feature.

Readme Notes for Asymmetry Feature

We’ve added the ability to make your creations asymmetric in the editors! Hold down the “A” key while the mouse is over a limb or detail. The asymmetry icon appears on the cursor to indicate asymmetry is enabled.

Click and drag the part to a new location, it will separate from its normal symmetric partner and be free to move around the creation on its own.

Supported editors

• Creature Editor
• All Creature Outfitters
• All Vehicle Editors
• UFO Editor


• A + Click : Make a part asymmetric
• A + Drag : Move part asymmetrically
• A + Mousewheel : Scale part asymmetrically
• A + Drag from Palette : Create a new asymmetric part
• Control-F : While an asymmetric part is selected, will “flip” that part (for example will turn a left hand into a right hand, and vice versa)


• Once a part is asymmetric, you don’t need to hold down the “A” key for manipulations.
• Once a part is asymmetric, it cannot be converted back to a symmetric part.

Budget Notes

Note that when you drag a part from the palette the money taken from your budget actually buys you two parts instead of one. Therefore if you use asymmetry to sell only *one* of those parts, you won’t get any money back. Only when you sell the final part from the original pair of parts will you get the money back.

Along the same lines, it costs nothing to copy an asymmetric block that has been orphaned in this manner. In order to accomplish this, the editor internally keeps track of links between asymmetric parts.


2 Responses to “Readme Notes for Asymmetry Feature”

  1. DeKDeS said

    Busy with Dutch translation that will be placed on the official Dutch forum. in this topic:


    DeKDeS, Spore Forum moderator, The Netherlands.

    Thanks for this Maxis, thank you MaxisCactus!

  2. Tallon IV said




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