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GamesRadar Spore Galactic Adventures Review – 4/10

Posted by ballightning on July 23, 2009

Wow… just wow. For a game which brings player made creativity, and mostly suceeds at what it aims to do, a score of 4 out of 10 is undeserved. This is what GamesRadar gave Galactic Adventures in their review of the game.

Spore needed this. When the species you designed in the original game finally took to space, it found a frighteningly huge galaxy, but one without much real variety. The chunky planets and demented species were visually distinct but functionally equivalent. The idea that in Spore: Galactic Adventures, these planets could host little player-crafted adventures for you to beam down to and complete was perfect: different stuff to do with the different stuff to look at.

Unfortunately though, Galactic Adventures fails honkingly on every level. The manual claims you’ll encounter player-made missions in the Space phase, but this never happened to us. Every one of the dozens we played were Maxis-made. These missions are few, short and bad. Player-made adventures are confined to the Sporepedia browser – which is still malfunctioning, awkward and slow. Thousands of missions have been made at the time of writing, but even the most popular are glitchy, ugly and dull.


9 Responses to “GamesRadar Spore Galactic Adventures Review – 4/10”

  1. Primadog said

    Wow. Just wow.

    They didn’t even bother, did they? Well, I aint gonna even bother to write up what they did wrong and how they fail some basic tenets of journalism.

  2. vitor sporian said

    GA Is like 9.5 to me and they say 4!!!!
    Sons of *@$/

  3. Noah Da Pwner said

    clearly they don’t have patch 5 cuz it fixes doing the same mission over and over( apparntly)

    i do have to agree on one thing the adventures all seem lie your doing the same thing over and over gain, with no challenge.

    and with socail missions there is no skill involeved whatsoever you just need parts!

  4. Salkin Nanahob said

    I have to say I was disappointed when I found out that you couldn’t play player made missions in the space stage without downloading the missions from sporepidia. Tho I must disagree with people saying certian missions types do not need any skill it is not the game’s fault it is the player who is at fault they don’t spend enough time makeing a missions they just rush through it with GA you could make a very difficult social mission by using the old door to a room telleport trick in a huge city you may even add a gate and disguise and hide the key on the other side of the planet! in a room with several different keys (of course some hint would need to be placed on what the right key looks like).

  5. seth said

    i happen to agree with them. . . Ga is suckish! Period.

  6. Mike said

    While the guys over at GamesRadar may not “get it”, I feel that Spore GA, plus patch 5 is great. Asymmetry is one of the things I was waiting for. Modding it proved problematic when it came to saving the modded creation for an adventure. No, my biggest gripe is that there is too many corny creations out there. I want “Hard SciFi” and encourage all of you to include that tag in your Hard SciFi creations. Its hard to find props and critters using the built in search engine without coming up with a ton of useless creations. I am hopeful that EA will come up with additional patches to improve the game in areas like vehicle use. I am SpaceMarineMike on Sporepedia.

  7. Agamemnon said

    The trouble with this “expansion pack” is that it fails to address the REAL concerns that were with the original game. Going on “adventures” and being able to create them still doesn’t solve the problem with the Space Stage STILL feeling like a damn chore. There is still zero reason to have more than five allies, zero reason to populate more stars than required of you for badges, and zero reason to kill the Grox. GA was like trying to draw chalk on the sidewalk of pretty pictures when there’s a pile of dead bodies next to it and it’s about to rain anyways. EA found ways to improve The Sims 2; I don’t see why they are incapable of this feat with Spore. It’s been nearly a year and the game is still shallow.

  8. Benjee9 said

    These people clearly have no clue of what GA is about.

    The reason they didn’t get player made missions is because you have to play some of the Maxis missions first. I’ve found many vivid and challenging player made adventures, and not one has been ugly. All were downloaded automatically.

    I won’t say anymore. You get my point.

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