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ComicCon 09′ – Techzter.com previews Spore Hero Wii

Posted by ballightning on July 26, 2009

An exception of their preview of Spore Hero:

As for the game itself, it’s a full action adventure, with platforming, fighting, and puzzle elements. Only one level was on display, but we could already see how the game works; it really fits in line with other 3D platformers on the Wii. When asked about total play length, an EA representative told us that the platformer could be up to 15 hours long, not counting the time you’ll spend in the creature creator.

Techzter.com – SDCC: Preview of Spore Hero

Source: SporePrograms


One Response to “ComicCon 09′ – Techzter.com previews Spore Hero Wii”

  1. nic said

    What the fuck is this Shit !!1!!!one!!

    why would you do this on a SUNDAY???????
    at 8:28AM???????????????????????????? nerd

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