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Spore creature animated in Maya

Posted by ballightning on July 27, 2009

Thanks to SporeOddity who pointed out that Ocean Quigley has posted a new video showing how the collorda exporter for spore can be used to create animations.

Here’s a little test animation of a Spore creature exported out as a Collada file, then brought into Maya.

I think that it demonstrates two things:

1. I am not now, nor am I ever likely to be, a remotely competent animator
2. All of the characters joints and rigging come through nicely, it all more or less works.

I love how much detail there is in these creatures right out of the game, and it’s fun to see them rendered up in style.
And I think that if you were an animator, you could do some pretty cool projects with them.


5 Responses to “Spore creature animated in Maya”

  1. h man said

    tats cool

  2. Beefstick said

    Do you know what creature that is?

  3. Chosenoneknuckles said

    Awesome stuff. Kinda makes me wish I still had a copy of 3DS Max.

    Though, just what are the rules and legislation behind these 3Ded creatures? Just fan projects only [I assume]?

  4. Quarkspin4 said

    I am an animator, but alas, I use blender. There is a maya import plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work… Would you mind putting up the version of the dae?

  5. Primadog said

    gaming steve has an excellent thread going on regarding how to export collada http://www.gamingsteve.com/blab/index.php?topic=16475.0

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