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Web Sporepedia filter & MPN Top 4 updates!

Posted by ballightning on August 8, 2009

Many people have been complaining about the current MPN system, which showed adventures along with all other creations and due to the large amount of Clark and Stanley adventures appearing in it there was nearly no other creations. Now Maxis has fixed this by introducing a new MPN section on your spore page which only shows adventuers, and leaving the old one to only show stuff creating in the original spore game, they have also added a filter to the main MPN page which means you can now look at only the top rated vehicles, or the top rated adventures.

Sporepedia Filter & MPN Top 4 Updates!

We’ve made a small change to the Sporepedia view that will give you more control over the content you want to view.

You will now also be able to view MPN, featured, and other views of creations sans adventures if you choose by selecting the Spore Creations filter.

Try it out!

We’ve also added a Top 4 MPN Adventures pod to the MySpore page so you can view these seperately from the Spore Creation top 4.

I hope you enjoy these new changes and find that it’s now easier to find top quality creations.



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