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SporeDay: Interview with Audio Recording Engineer Chris Seifert

Posted by ballightning on August 14, 2009

Ask Questions over at the official spore forums!

This is your chance to interview an audio engineer from Maxis!

Chris Seifert has been a member of the Spore Sound Design Team for the past two years. Prior to that, he’s been an audio recording engineer for Maxis projects dating back to the Sims original expansion packs. His primary focus is on VO and Creature sounds, but he also helps with music and SFX. Some of his favorite contributions to Spore include the Alien languages in the space stage and Epic creature voices.

On Galactic Adventures, Chris worked on all of the creature voices, including the Epics, which had to have an entire language created which conveyed a wide range of emotions from happy to sad to angry.

About the Interview

Ask Chris about his job, about what it takes to be an audio engineer in the gaming industry, or about specific technical questions you have about sound art just by posting your questions here on the thread.

Any question you asked will be considered, but finalist questions will be chosen based on relevance to his contributions at Maxis.

Submit your questions by 8/18/09 and we’ll choose the finalist questions for you to vote on. The top voted questions will be answered by Chris.

Previous interviews:
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