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GamesCom IGN: Spore Hero Hands-on

Posted by ballightning on August 20, 2009

Here is the IGN preview for Spore Heroes.

While Spore Hero Arena on DS is a hybrid of adventure and arena battling, Spore Hero on Wii takes things in a much larger adventure-focused experience. The story between the two games is similar, though there’s a definite twist to it as well. With Arena, players are tracking down the world’s strongest battlers who have medals made of a mysterious red crystal. The concept of these crimson gems is retained for Hero, but the story is far from cut-and-dry. After crash landing on a new planet you discover that a strange force has apparently followed you there, corrupting the planet with evil as it scattered on impact. It’s your job to create a hero, embark on a quest to find answers, and unlock new parts to further strengthen your creature.

As always the biggest question surrounds the Spore creature creator, and just how robust/expansive it is. Like the DS game, the creature creator is back in action, and it’s much larger than what you’ll find in the pocket offering. Over 250 parts are available for your tweaking pleasure, and the creator itself feels as robust as the PC offering was in the original Spore. You can scale limbs, add in extra extensions, add on horns, wings, claws and the like, and each of the choices you make will determine what skills you have in the game. When you fist kick off your adventure there are only a few options – which, even still, can create plenty of monster types since you can scale and use different body shapes as well – but after even just a few minutes of play you’ll start to discover new parts across the world. Beat a boss? You’ll get parts. Go off the beaten path? You’ll get parts. Dig in suspicious areas around the world? Yup. Parts.


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