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VideoGamer: Spore Hero Preview

Posted by ballightning on August 20, 2009

Another of the previews for the next Spore game is from VideoGamer, which looks at Spore Hero.

There are many important life lessons to be learned from Spore Hero. To get anywhere in this world, you need to grow a mouth – and you better learn how to use it. Kicking random strangers will make them want to fight you, but fighting is in turn the best way to make them respect you. Blue things are generally good, but red things are generally bad. Has this game been designed by the Chelsea Headhunters, or am I just missing a trick?

In actual fact, Spore Hero has been designed by a gang of massive Nintendo fans. You can tell this because at least one of the guys at EA Montreal has a tattoo of Luigi on his arm, but it’s also fairly evident just from looking at the game itself. This is a bright and cheerful third-person action-platformer, with a Metroid-like structure that allows you to access new areas and perform new feats as you develop. The key difference here is that you don’t just gain new equipment – you are the new equipment.

As I observed the last time I saw this game, the cool thing about Spore Hero is that EA has managed to port almost the entirety of Maxis’ superlative creature creation system – along with the procedural animation that determines how things move. Naturally the transition has demanded a few minor adjustments: you now select your animal’s body from a list of pre-set shapes rather than bending its spine, and slug-like beasties are no longer an option. On the whole, however, the game seems to do a pretty grand job of offering all the creative freedom of its PC-based predecessor. Given that monster-making was arguably the highlight of Spore’s multi-tiered gameplay, Wii owners should be happy indeed.


One Response to “VideoGamer: Spore Hero Preview”

  1. 2fast(313) said

    when betterspore6 comes I say that I really cant wait enymore

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