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Gamespot Spore Hero Arena Hands-on

Posted by ballightning on August 21, 2009

Gamespot has had a hands on for Spore Hero Arena.

If you were expecting a little more action from the PC game Spore, then you’re in luck, because Spore Hero Arena is all about arena-based combat instead of primordial evolution. Because of Spore Creatures’ success on the Nintendo DS last year, Electronic Arts is hoping that Spore fans will want to take their customized gladiator on the go. You will still continuously upgrade or “evolve” your creature, but the bulk of the game is honing your skills to face galactic champions. The 3D creature creator in Spore Hero looks great, especially when compared to Spore Creatures. We had an opportunity to play through a preview build to get an idea of how the game works and see what the arena action is like.

The story takes place in the same universe as Spore Hero for the Wii, except in this case, you’re a creature that was happily flying its spaceship until a blue meteor knocked you off course. Luckily, you land on a planet where a cranky grasshopper-like creature with huge feet named Yeedo is eager to help you fix your ship. But before you collect all the necessary parts and go off on your merry way, he tells you about the tainted medals that he had once created, which were made from the shards of a red meteor and given to the winners of a galactic championship. Unfortunately, the medals possess some kind of evil power, which makes the wearer do bad things. Because you are immune to the effects of the red meteor and seem to increase in power when you come across blue meteor bits, Yeedo wants you to take on the brainwashed champions and win back the medals.

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