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Gamespot Spore Hero Hands-on

Posted by ballightning on August 22, 2009

Check out Gamespot’s Spore Hero Hands on!

During the past few months, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to check out Spore Hero, including at a recent Electronic Arts press event in San Diego. The game has come a long way since we first checked it out in May, and now that we have our own preview build, we’ve had a chance to spend some quality time with it. For those who haven’t been following our coverage, Spore Hero is an action role-playing game built from the ground up for the Wii. It doesn’t play like the PC game Spore, but they do share some similarities. They both have a robust creature creator and excellent animation, which gives the game a ton of personality. But Spore Hero is primarily targeted at an audience that is looking for a lighthearted adventure in which they can ultimately save the day.

Representatives from EA stopped by to walk us through some of the changes that they’ve made to the game. The opening cutscene was tweaked a bit to help tell the story better. Two meteors, a blue one and a red one, are streaking across the sky, heading straight for a lush and beautiful planet. Each meteor carries an egg, but when they crash into the planet, blue and red meteor shards are scattered across the planet. We learn from the start that the red meteor bits have some kind of evil hypnotic effect on the locals, but the blue ones don’t. You play as the little Sporeling that hatches from the egg of the blue meteor and quickly befriend a local creature named Meejee. The creatures around you realize that for some reason you are immune to the red meteor’s strange effects, so you’re now in charge of helping them with all of their problems.

It’s a simple story, told through written dialogue and a garbled alien language. The voices are cute, and the animations add a lot of personality to each of the tribe members that you’ll wind up meeting. We were able to create and customize our own adorable little Sporeling, and new parts were constantly being added to the inventory. Fossils are located throughout the world, and by shaking your Wii Remote at them, you can excavate more parts for some cool new upgrades. Each of the six areas that you explore will have a variety of quests for you to undertake. There are quests in which you will need to fight, but not everyone on this planet is violent. There are singing and dancing challenges, as well as evolution quests, in which you help a particular creature evolve a certain way. For example, we came across a creature with no ears or wings who was trying to obtain a delectable moonfruit from the top of a tree. The quest will direct you to the creature creator, where you can provide the helpless critter with the appropriate parts so that it can fly and find its meal. The dancing quest is like a rhythm minigame, in which icons will appear onscreen to tell you what to do with your controller. Singing is similar, but it involves tilting your remote and holding the A button at the right time.

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